For Partners

Domains change - the brand is stable

For Partners

AnonymousCryptoExchange invites website owners and administrators to join our affiliate program. To do so, you need to:

Contact our support service via email at [email protected] to obtain a referral link and a link to your personal account.

After you have received the affiliate link, each customer who clicks through to the AnonymousCryptoExchange website and completes a transaction using our service is considered a customer brought in by you as a partner. For each such operation carried out by the attracted customers on the AnonymousCryptoExchange site, the partner earns a profit in percentages of the service volume. The percentage paid to the partner depends on the partner's level. The higher the level, the larger the share of the profit the partner receives.

​ Amount

If a customer attracted by the partner makes a transaction in the service, they are considered an attracted customer as long as there is a technical possibility to unequivocally establish the connection of this customer with the partner.

We are happy to cooperate with various internet resources. Please note that partners earn profits only for operations carried out through our service, not for visits to the service site. The use of email marketing (known as SPAM) for the purpose of advertising our service is strictly prohibited. In the event of receiving complaints from email owners about such mailings, partner accounts will be deleted with a complete loss of earned funds.